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Mental Health Services

Students and families often experience a variety of complex situations that have an impact on their physical and mental health. These situations present unique challenges and can often be difficult to navigate. Leaving these challenges and situations unaddressed can hinder students in a number of ways, including their ability to thrive both in school and out of school.

Orange Beach City Schools are dedicated to the success of the whole student. Social Emotional Services and/or Mental Health Services provided at Orange Beach City Schools are designed to support all students, families, and staff so that every student is equipped and ready to meet the challenges ahead, whatever they may be. There are several programs available to students while in school, as well as a variety of community resources that can be accessed by students, families, and staff at any time.


Mental Health Monthly Newsletters

Mental Health Coordinator

Ms. Rogula's mission is to provide and assist families in finding mental health and community resources in our area. She works closely with our guidance counselors and administrators at both Orange Beach Elementary School and Orange Beach Middle & High School to ensure our students have the support necessary to be successful.

Lisa Rogula